Elsa Long Hair Vs Short Hair Fashion

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Elsa Long Hair Vs Short Hair Fashion GamePlay:

Elsa, one of the most popular princesses in Gogy girl games is looking for the most suitable styles and fashion for her. As she is still contemplating between short and long hair, will you help her out? By picking out the perfect outfits for each hairstyle, you can allow her to see the beauty and charm of them.

Moreover, since fashion and hairstyle should go well together, don't forget about the tasks of picking out tops and bottoms. For the long hairstyle, we recommend a long dress, sundress, flowy texture, and girly patterns. The long hairstyle will bring about a sense of feminine, therefore, these kinds of classy combinations will make the girl look light and pretty. But with a cheeky short hairstyle, why don't you spread your imagination a little bit?

Go bold with crop-tops, shorts, mini-skirts to create a daring and eye-catching vibe. Dresses with short hairstyles can also be unique since it's both chic and still remains feminine at the same time. Shoes and accessories will complete the outfits and even left an impressive mark. Don't refrain yourself inside the creation box!

Feel free to try new clothes and apply new trends in the fashion world at http://www.gogy.games/. There is no scoring system, so just replaying over and over again until you reach the desired design. Take a picture at the end of the game as well! Other girl games have their own cool themes such as Princess Adidas Style and Game Of Thrones Hairstyles

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