Rabbit Samurai

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Rabbit Samurai GamePlay:

Rabbit Samurai is a platform adventure game with an amazing layout and a new control system. You will control the little rabbit which takes the round form. All that he can do is to move using the rope and hook. Due to the round figure, it's hard for him to move on his own. Therefore, Gogy land needs you to join the game to assist him with the adventure.


There will be plenty of mice that are hung on some corners. They are waiting for you! Your goal is to find all mice and rescue them from the wolf's lair using your skills only. You can use the rope and sticking grappling hook to fly from one place to another. However, keep in mind that the rabbit is round so he will roll as soon as he touches the ground. Also, when he hits some blocks or corners, he might bounce back. Only by mastering the movement of the rabbit at Giant Hamster Run and Skate Hooligans.

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